ROW Precision Balance

    General Specifications
    Display 22mm digit LCD display, with white LED backlight
    Capacities 3kg,7kg,15kg
    Pan size 232mm
    Keyboard 7 keys (Mechanical switch)
    Housing ABS plastic indicator
    Max.isions 30,000d;70,000d;150,000d
    ADC update <=1/10 second
    Operate Temp 0C~ +40C
    Power AC adapter (12V/500mA), Ni-MH battery (1.2V/2000mAh x 6)
    Gross weight 3.8kg
    1. Net/gross shift
    2. Weighing unit conversion
    3. Check weighing
    Stainless steel pan
    An economical general purpose instrument
    Battery provides up to 40 hours of continuous use (without backlight)
    Standard RS-232 to connect to computer
    Optional initial-verification